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Lexi Frederick Community Impact Scholarship Award Winner - Alivia Schmitz


By: Alivia Schmitz

What I would do if I won the Cinderella title is bring awareness to bullying because this is an issue within my community. My friends and I have personally been victims, we have been called fat, stinky, stupid, and other inappropriate names. We were nice to people even after they were mean to us, but the bullying continued. It hurts to be bullied and half the time it is emotionally and physically damaging. Often victims feel it is better to disappear because they feel worthless. Therefore, I have come up with a few ideas for antibullying awareness.

First, I would make a school club that comforts people who have been bullied or are currently being bullied. We would come up with ideas to help one another. This would be a safe place in the school for kids to talk about how they are feeling without having to feel ashamed. We would also have a dedicated bulletin board in the hall to put post its up about acts of kindness someone did, to say something inspirational and to place kind notes to keep others feeling good about themselves. The bulletin board would spread kindness and build positive relationships and help bystanders feel brave and stand up for others. This could help victims feel safe and worthy.

Second, I would use my Cinderella title to raise money to support an anti-bullying website called STOMP Out Bullying, I would donate to this organization because they stand up against hate, racism, and discrimination. To raise money, I would design bracelets with different colors to signify a diverse number of people becoming one community. The hats would be available in black with colored paint splatters in the shape of a heart, symbolizing that you are perfect just the way you are. We would sell these things around the community so more people are aware of bullying and hopefully spread the word to keep each other safe.

Lastly, I would create a Facebook page where people can be encouraged, inspired, share their stories, ask questions and find resources. People around the world could donate money or purchase one of our bracelets or hats. Profits would be donated to STOMP Out Bullying and help purchase supplies. The Facebook page would be monitored by myself and a trusted adult.

Winning the Cinderella title would be an honor. I could help kids and adults feel safe and recognized by others. I hope one of my ideas will help people step up and tell someone they trust about what is going on at home, school, or at other places. It would help people learn that bullying is dangerous and could hurt someone not just emotionally but physically. This is what I would do for my community if I won the Cinderella title.

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