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About The Pageant

Areas of Competition


Tot - Teen complete a panel style interview with the judges before on-stage competition.  This is a closed door interview.  The interview gives the judges an opportunity to get to know the girls and see how well they communicate. This is not an intelligence test; rather, it is just a conversation. In lieu of interview, our baby division participates in a play time where they bring a favorite toy and the judges learn more about their personalities.

Casualwear Modeling

Cinderella has a modeling pattern you will learn at a workshop prior to the pageant. Each girl receives 1 minute on stage, and she walks the modeling pattern wearing an outfit she might wear on the first day of school, or to a special birthday party or family outing. In casual wear, the girls introduce themselves, stating their name, age and where they live when they reach the center X. The teens also talk about their community or school involvement and career ambitions.

Partywear Modeling

Using the same modeling pattern and similar music as casual wear modeling, participants model a nice dress that would be appropriate for a special church function or a wedding. Party wear dresses for the younger divisions have minimal beading and rhinestones. Cinderella prefers knee length party dress on the Tot -Miss divisions.  For the teens, party wear dresses are floor length gowns. There is no on-stage introduction during party wear.


For participants ages 7 and up, a talent is performed. This can be a song, dance, monologue, instrumental performance, or any other talent the participant wants to share with the judges and audience. Talents can be no longer than 2 minutes and 30 seconds, and participants are expected to provide their own music. Props are allowed and must be touched at least once. 


Tots will do an on-stage interview; the emcee will ask the participant 4-8 questions that will be similar to the interview portion.


A recent photo of the participants is submitted. This is judged prior to the interview. Color or black and white photos are accepted, and light photoshopping is allowed (within reason).

Cinderella Age Divisions

Cinderella Baby Pageant

Cinderella Infant: Newborn - 11 months

Cinderella Baby: 12 - 23 months

Cinderella Tiny Tot: 24-35 months


Cinderella Girl Age Divisions 

Cinderella Tot: 3-6 years

Cinderella Miniature Miss: 7-9 years

Cinderella Miss: 10-12 years

Cinderella Teen: 13-17 years  

All ages are based on age at September 1, 2023

Cinderella Awards

Tot - Teen Overall State Winners

Cinderella Rhinestone Round Crown

Cinderella State Scepter

Cinderella State Trophy

Cinderella Embroidered State Banner

Use of the Cinderella Velvet Robe During Reign

$100 College Scholarship

Most of all, an unforgettable year with lifelong friends!

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