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The Colorado Cinderella Experience

It's Magic. Cinderella Magic.

Competition Details: List

Natural Pageant

Cinderella is all about inner beauty, that is expressed by each participant as she steps across the stage. Our goal is to foster self-confidence and public speak skills in young women and encourage our judges to look for girls who are equally poised, personable, and talented. All local participants qualify to attend the Colorado state finals in May, and all who participate in the state finals qualify to attend the International Finals in July.

Cinderella Age Divisions

 Cinderella Baby 

Cinderella Infant: Newborn to 11 months
Cinderella Baby: 12 months to 23 months
Cinderella Tiny Tot: 2 years old

Cinderella Girl  3-17years 
Cinderella Tot: 3-6 years 
Cinderella Miniature Miss: 7-9 years
Cinderella Miss: 10-12 years 
Cinderella Teen: 13-17 years 

*A participant's age division eligibility is based on her age as of Sept 1, 2021

Baby Playtime & Cinderella Interview

Baby Playtime:   This phase of competition is designed for the judges to get to know the participants a little better and to see them up close. Babies & one chaperone will go to playtime with their age division. Babies are allowed to bring in 1 toy of their choice during Baby Playtime.   

Interview: Tot - Miss compete a panel style interview with the judges; Teens compete in a round-robin interview where they are one-on-one with the judges. This is a closed-door interview. This gives the judges an opportunity to get to know the girls and see how well they communicate. This is not an intelligence test, rather it is a chance for the girls to show the judges who they are and what they enjoy doing in their spare time. Questions vary based on age divisions.

Tot Personality & Talent

Tots participate in Tot Personality in the place of the Talent competition. During Tot Personality, the tot participant will participate in a mini “conversation” with the emcee on stage. Participants are judged on their ability to be personable and not the content of their answers.


For participants in the Miniature Miss thru Teen divisions, ages 7-17 years,  a talent is performed. This can be a song, dance monologue, instrumental performance or any other talent the participant wants to share with the judge and audience. Talents should be no longer than 2:30. Science experiments, live animals, unnecessary props and backdrops may not be used. You may use a partner, but they would be considered a prop and will not have any affect on judging of the contestant. If you need accompaniment, we prefer that you have it recorded. Clothing may not be removed while on stage unless necessary to reveal another costume underneath and done in good taste. Remember Cinderella is a family-oriented program and talent performances should be appropriate for all ages.

Casualwear Modeling

Cinderella's modeling pattern was developed so that each individual receives 1 minute on stage and uses a “ding” in the music to guide you to the next X. The casual wear outfit is dressy-casual which may include slacks/shorts or a dress, BUT NO SWIMSUITS OR COSTUMES. Props such as tennis rackets, sunglasses, hats, purses, etc. are not allowed. Think of an outfit that might be worn on the first day of school or for school photos. In casual wear, the girls introduce themselves, stating name, age and where they live when they reach the back-center X. Teens also talk about their community or school involvement and career ambitions.

Partywear Modeling

Using the same modeling pattern and similar music, participants model a nice dress that would be appropriate for a special function or a wedding. Party wear dresses for the younger divisions have minimal beading and rhinestones and the hemline is above the knee.  Teens party dresses are floor length gowns. Dresses and outfits should be simple and not be overly embellished with beads and sequins as these can be distracting.

Cinderella Wardrobe

Our motto is "Real kids in real clothes."

​We want your child's beauty and personality to shine. Clothing shouldn't be overly ornate or glitzy in our younger divisions. For our Miss & Teen age divisions, classic Tween and Teen styles that suit her personal taste and compliment your beauty work best. We are a natural pageant that puts focus on the young lady in the clothing, rather than the clothing she wears. The judges are to consider the cut, color & fit of the garment; they are judging the girls presentation of the garment not the garment. Clothing examples by age division can be found in the photos below.

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