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Colorado Cinderella Ambassador

Hello friends, I am Venice Mitchell, and it's been an honor of a lifetime to represent Cinderella this year as your 2021 Colorado Cinderella Ambassador. The memories made and the friendship that I’ve developed have changed my life!

I am 14 years old. I play volleyball for my school and with United Volleyball Club. My favorite part of volleyball is playing with my friends that I attend school with. I am a ballerina and have been dancing since I was five years old. I love dance because I can absorb myself into the music and really be in the moment.

I have one brother and two sisters and live with my mom and dad. I have two dogs, three cats and six new baby chickens. I love baking, chocolate, crafting and spending time with family and friends.

I started my Cinderella journey when I asked my mom if I could do a singing competition. We went to our first preliminary pageant in Grand Junction when I was 11.

I was hooked! We participated in my first prelim in Denver and won the Beauty title. My first state pageant was terrific. I was blown away by how welcoming, sweet and kind everyone was. I won prettiest eyes at the Cameo pageant and the Beauty Title at State. Cinderella has helped me look at my strengths positively and work on areas I needed to grow my confidence in. With each pageant I would work on a new area and have the opportunity to grow. Last year was an incredible experience when I aged up to the Teen Division and earned the Grand Junction Teen Overall Title. At State, I won 3rd Alternate and was over the moon when I heard my name called to be the following Colorado State Ambassador. I always looked up to our Ambassadors, from Lexi to Faith, to Braelyn to Ashlynn. Our Cinderella Ambassadors have meant so much to me and my growth in this program, so to be crowned one myself was such an absolute dream come true!

My Cinderella journey began as a Mini Miss and continues as I'm currently in the teen division. It has been an incredible experience to grow in this fantastic organization!

Cinderella has helped me in so many ways to be confident, thoughtful, optimistic, and poised. Cinderella has been a great platform to give back to our community. I have made amazing and lifelong Cindy Sisters all over our state and County! This year my Cindy Sisters and I have made Cinderella magic everywhere we went, from Pirates Cove to Dallas for internationals, to the pumpkin patch, making Christmas ornaments, Build a Bear, and our Queen retreat at Great Wolf Lodge. The bond between our Sister Queens has been the best part of my year, and I love all the adventures we have made together. There were many road trips and sleepovers as we made our way through the great state of Colorado! My favorite service project was wrapping Christmas gifts to benefit a non-profit in my hometown of Grand Junction. Fruita Fall Festival was a fun parade to walk in, and the 4th of July parade in Monument.

Colorado Cinderella has taught me life-long skills and confidence that I have applied to school, volleyball, dance, and my personal life! I am so honored to be your 2021-2022 Cinderella State Ambassador!

It’s Magic! Cinderella Magic!

Sending love and joy always,

Venice Sophia Mitchell

2021-2022 Colorado Cinderella Ambassador

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