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2021 Colorado State Teen Emily Bailey

Hello Everyone!

My name is Emily Bailey and I have been so honored to represent the State of Colorado this year as your 2021 – 2022, Cinderella State Teen. Myself and my Queen Sisters have traveled all over the state doing volunteer work, attending Cinderella events and having the best time making new friends and time reuniting with all of our Cindy Sisters. I cannot believe how quickly the year went by and so excited for all of you to come join our family!!

11 years ago, I competed in my first Cinderella preliminary competition and went on to become the 2011 – 2012 Cinderella State Tot. Then a few years later your Cinderella State Mini-Miss and I have enjoyed every moment and every memory made.

Currently I am a sophomore in high school and my two passions are dance and solving a good mystery!! I have just been accepted to tour with Heat Force and will spend next season joining the company as they head across the U.S.A. teaching dance. One day you will see my name in lights as I want to be a Broadway performer and if you ask me, I can pretty much name, dance (and even sing) some of your favorite hits from almost any Broadway musical!! (Seriously, I am my own one woman show😉)

When not in class, you can find me dancing at The Studio, pretty much every

night of the week with their pre-professional company. There is no place I’d rather be than dancing or performing on stage!!

That being said, I love a good mystery and all things creepy. So while I’m dancing I will also be pursuing my degree in forensic science. If there is a mystery to be solved, I’m your girl. Who says I can’t be a professional dancer, work for the FBI some day and rock the runway!! I’m all about confidence and being whoever, you want to be. If you can dream it, you can achieve it!!

I am also passionate about the Rise Up Dance Project which volunteers to help children who have been rescued from the trafficking industry. I have worked with the Dream Center in L.A. and served underprivileged children. Have raised money to help build a home in El Salvador for children who have been rescued, and will be joining them as part of a missions trip to Puerto Rico and Belize to continue help their efforts to put a stop to and end human trafficking.

I am so very excited to meet all of you in a few weeks!! Don’t be nervous, we are going to have the most amazing time. I’m here for you!! Come find me and introduce yourself. I want to get to know who my new Cindy Sisters are!! It is going to be magic….Cinderella Magic!!

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