Meet Michelle Mann

Michelle Mann is the 2019 Colorado State Cameo winner in the 10-12 age division, but that is not the only title Michelle has held in Colorado Cinderella. Michelle captured the judges hearts in 2017 when she won Colorado State Cinderella Miniature Miss Overall and the Spirit of Cinderella award from the International Cinderella Pageant. Michelle has the heart of a true Cinderella girl, she has an inner beauty that shines through in her love for others. Michelle is charming, poised, confident and talented.

Michelle has been dancing since the age of three. She chose to dance to Katy Perry's "Fight Song" during the 2017 Colorado Cinderella state pageant. Michelle is excited to be in her 6th season of dance this year and she will once again be part of the cast performing in the Nutracker of Parker this holiday season.

When Michelle is not competing in Cinderella pageants or representing her 2019 Cameo title, she enjoys traveling with her family. Michelle has quite the travel resume. Michelle has been traveling to Lake McConaughy  each summer in Ogallala, Nebraska with her extended family since she was three months old enjoying jet skiing and camping on the beach.This past summer Michelle and her family visited the four corners region and Michelle was in four states all at one time (Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona)

Michelle also enjoys the Colorado sports scene. Her favorite teams are of course the Denver Broncos & the Colorado Rockies. Michelle and her family visited the Colorado Rockies Spring Training Camp in Scottsdale, Arizona this year and she was able to get Nolan Arenado (third baseman) to sign her baseball!

Michelle’s Advice to someone new to Cinderella... “ My advice to all new Cinderella girls is to have courage and always be kind. Try not to be be scared but brave every time you go up on stage and don’t forget to smile!  I want you to know your new Cinderella Family is cheering for you!”


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