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Meaningful Friendships. Unforgettable Experience.

Colorado Cinderella Pageant is a youth development, family-oriented program; we use pageantry as our base with a focus on poise, personality, talent, communication skills, and community service.  Colorado Cinderella Pageant is in the business of helping young women learn skills that empower them to achieve their dreams.
Cinderella is open to all young ladies ages newborn to 17 years old.  Beginners are welcome and no pageant experience needed.  In addition to life lessons Cinderella girls’ make life-long friends and become a part of the sisterhood.
Cinderella is exciting, and a fun filled inspirational experience. 
When girls and their chaperones participate in the Cinderella program, they become a part of our Colorado Cinderella  Family and a part of the most prestigious youth development pageant of it's kind.   All girls who enter our pageants are truly  winners.   Cinderella is the Cadillac of the children's pageant industry.  There is nothing like Cinderella, for in Cinderella . . . "Dreams Really Do Come True!"

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Cinderella girls have an inner beauty that is expressed each time she steps on the stage or in front of a crowd. She is charming and personable; well groomed and poised; self-confident and talented; and has all of those qualities wrapped up in the character, humility and inner beauty that sets her apart as a leader.

One Step at a Time

Volunteer Opportunities

One Step at A Time

With this initiative, our goal is to promote great opportunities for those in need. With access to the right resources, people can become empowered by their own abilities and gain the confidence to fulfill their potential. Learn more about our community partnerships and how you can volunteer with us by getting in touch with our team.

Cinderella Sisters


Sisters for Life

"After you give up your title, age out, or retire from Cinderella, your Cindy Sisters will still be some of the closest friends you will ever have. You have spent endless hours practicing, talking, and rhinestoning with them. You even hang out on the weekends that you don't have Cinderella events and text them all the time just because you miss them. Cindy Sisters are truly sisters for life."
- Megan Stier, Cinderella Girl & International Cinderella Emcee

Cinderella Traditions


"Honor the Past. Live in the Present. Build for the Future." Sharon E. Reed

The International Cinderella Scholarship Program, founded in 1976, by Carl David Dunn and Craig Toler. has grown into the largest and most prestigious scholarship oriented pageant system of its kind in the world. Throughout its 40+ year history Cinderella has championed the need and value of higher education for women and has promoted that goal by awarding millions of dollars in cash college scholarships to young women from the United States and a host of foreign countries.